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Air Conditioning

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Air conditioners break in the absolute worst times, we understand that getting a new AC might be costly but if your AC is older than 10 years  and its been breaking multiple times every year then the money you will save on the repairs and energy conception is far better to be spent on a new AC rather than repairing the old one. Our team can help you to choose an AC that suits and works best for your home.

The Photos on the left are the before and after of a new Air Conditioner installation


Lack of maintenance on Air conditioners  are the number one cause of parts failing alongside age of the AC. When you contact us at Elite Air you can assure that your ac will be handled by fully licensed and certified HVAC technicians and considering we have 90%of the parts in stock more likely we will have your ac up and running the same day.

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Air conditioners consist of a condenser and an evaporator coil. Part of an AC maintenance would be to hose down the condenser which is located outside, since that's where the ac system breathes from and it usually gets dirty often. Some signs that your ac is not working as it should would be high utility bills, not cooling as it should, frequent on and off cycling, ice built up on the condenser, if you experience any of these symptoms it means that your ac is in need of a professional to diagnose the issues.

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